Too Many Drugs, Not Enough Care

It is remarkable that in this day and age a GP practice has not properly been recording the names and doses of multiple drugs for some patients with long term conditions.

In one case this failure contributed to the death of a patient (

The patient had a number of medical conditions which were being treated with multiple medicines (known as polypharmacy), by GPs at Lisson Grove Health Centre. Some of those drugs were known to interact. The GP practice failed to review the drugs or record all the deceased’s medical treatments.

In this case the Coroner felt she had to write a “regulation 28” letter requiring the GP practice to address concerns raised at the Inquest in order to prevent future unnecessary future deaths.

The Care Quality Commission subsequently carried out some inspections of the medical centre, in a deprived area of Central London, and also highlighted some serious problems with patient services and noted that “assessment of the risks to the health and safety of service users [patients] of receiving care or treatment were not being carried out adequately.”

The CQC found that care and treatment were not always delivered according to evidence-based guidelines, which had the effect that patients were not always the care, treatment of monitoring required. It is very sad to read about a practice that performs well in some areas but had failed in relation to a straightforward accurate recoding of conditions, symptoms and treatments; this is what their digital patient database is there to assist with.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury because a GP, or other healthcare provider, has negligently given too many drugs, or too much of a drug, then you could receive compensation. The process can be daunting and stressful so please contact our local, friendly team for a free initial consultation.

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